Rescue and Re-homing


We do not take every pig that we are asked to. We simply don’t have the space and funding to do that, if we did, there would be several hundred pigs here already! (Such is the demand and too few porcine sanctuaries around).

We rescue as many as we can that meet certain criteria. We are ‘Last chance saloon’ for many.

When re-habilitated we re-home where possible and have successfully found new homes for several of our rescued animals. It isn’t easy and doesn’t happen overnight or too often. It is difficult to find homes for adult pigs, it also has to be right place and we investigate any enquiry to make sure that the environment is suitable and the potential new owners have the right facility and knowledge to take on these animals.

If we cannot find new homes, the pigs stay here for the rest of their natural lives or until this can be done. They live here in a caring, loving and calm environment.

We have 2 strict rules:

We DO NOT breed the animals here

Any male pig must be castrated. If he is not, then we shall do this, if we agree to take him.

The decision about a full boar depends on age and anaesthetic risk.